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Taking leave in the midst of the academic session is always prohibited. By right, it should be after the academic session has over.

Since I have some important things to settle, I have requested few days of leave.

Well, this is my second time boarding mykomuter. First was during my parents visit last week. I was kind of shocked and impressed with both interior and exterior of the new train.


Dear friends,

Today’s posting will encompass a theme on Collaborative Filtering for Teaching in a Learning 3.0 Environment. The term in context of collaborative here means a joint, mutual, two-way and also shared between two subjects. In addition to that, the term filtering means to pass through a filter, and to sort things out. From my observation, learning 3.0 environment offers a wide dimension of elements integrated namely ubiquitous devices, access, simulation, visualization and gaming environments, collaborative tools, and last but not least is social technologies. This learning 3.0 environment provides ability to create collaboratively authored resources for both teachers and students. Besides, it is also reinforces when learners are receptive and in modes they may be more open to peer reinforcement. Moreover, it also enables the tagging of resources collectively. As exclaimed by Ogata H. and Yano Y. (2000), the term collaborative filtering means the technique that helps people to make choices based on the opinions of other people. For instance, GroupLens (Resnick et al., 1994) for the collaborative filtering of NetNews was implemented and evaluated. In collaborative learning, this approach is very effective to start collaboration with other learners who have the same interest. Following videos demonstrate the definition and applications of Collaborative filtering in a learning 3.0 environment.

Video 1: Talk on Collaborative filtering

Video 2: Learning 3.0 environment

Video 3: Evolution of webs

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Shahrul Ridzuan Arshad

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